Ruby Aurumite

Over the centuries, royalty wore rubies to amplify their voices. 

The newest member of the Powell Family of Flutes, the Ruby Aurumite Handmade Custom Flute, is now available.  Ruby Aurumite has been designed to provide the wide palette of tone colors, projection, and flexibility which are characteristic of the Powell Sound.

The body of the flute is comprised of 14k rose gold on the outside and sterling silver inside to provide the resonance of sterling silver and the warmth of gold.  Ruby Aurumite is created using Powell's patented Aurumite technology, which has been part of the Powell family since 1986.  The tone holes are silver brazed using Powell’s proprietary technology, and the 14k rose gold lip plate and wall add strength and color.

Ruby Aurumite Crown


  • .016" body and headjoint Ruby Aurumite tubing with 14k gold on the outside and sterling silver inside
  • Sterling silver Powell pinless mechanism
  • Sterling silver crown set with a ruby
  • Soldered sterling silver tone holes
  • 14k rose gold wall and lip plate
  • Modern Powell Scale, available in A-440, A-442 or A-444
  • B or C footjoint
  • Inline or offset G keys
  • French (open) or American (closed) cups
  • Split-E, C# trill key, D# rollers, G disc are all available options
  • Custom engraving is available

Prices vary by country - please check with your local dealer for current pricing.

US Residents - contact Daniel Sharp to schedule a trial via email or phone (978)344-5179

Powell Authorized Dealers - contact Christina Cobas or Rebecca Eckles for pricing.

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