Welcome to Powell Flutes’ online appraisal site!

In this section you can create and print an insurance appraisal for your Powell flute, piccolo or headjoint for free!  The appraisal value returned will be in US dollars, if you are outside the USA please contact your local Powell dealer for an appraisal.

Before you begin there are a few things you need to know to create an accurate appraisal.

    1. What type of flute do you have?

Powell has always made both soldered tone-hole flutes (called Handmade Custom flutes) and drawn tone hole flutes. Drawn tone hole flutes were originally called "Commercial Model" instruments and are now called Handmade Custom Drawn tone hole flutes. So as you proceed, please select the appropriate "Appraisal Option" for your flute.

    1. What are the specifications of your flute?

Most specifications are visible on the flute: for instance, do you have a B foot joint or a C foot joint? If you are not sure what the specifications of your instrument are, click here.

    1. Unusual Specifications...

Over the last 85 years Powell Flutes has made a number of special modifications to instruments (such as a left-hand low B lever, angled foot joint cluster, right hand low C#-D# trill key, low A key, to name a few). If you have an instrument that has these unusual modifications, you will not be able to create an accurate appraisal. Please contact us to provide you with an appraisal.

Now you are ready to begin appraising your flute!

P.S. Don’t forget to add your headjoint to the appraisal separately from the flute!

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