Powell Blogs

Powell Flutes offers resources for you to explore and learn more about flutes, piccolos and headjoints.  Browse the Powell Academy for articles and videos by our Master Teachers, listen to MP3 recordings in the Recording Studio, or visit one of our blogs for more detailed discussions.

Flute Builder

  Our Flute Builder blog features articles and photos on the craft of making handmade flutes.  If you are curious about the process, this is the place to go!  We will discuss methods, materials, options, design, and many more topics.  We'll answer your questions and encourage you to join in the discussion.


Repair My Flute

   Repair My Flute features aticles on the topic of flute repair and we hope that you will join in the discussion. Our contributing repair technicians are ready for your questions and will share their tips for solving issues in the world of flute repair -- from the most complex to regular maintenance.


Teach Flute

   At Teach Flute, we will discuss popular topics in flute pedagogy and feature articles from master teachers. We encourage you to join in the conversion and share with fellow educators.



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