PS-750 Powell Sonaré Piccolo

The groundbreaking PS-750 Powell Sonaré piccolo pioneers a new class of piccolo that builds on a long tradition of quality at Verne Q. Powell Flutes. 

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While the PS-750 appears distinctly different, it adheres to its deep roots and maintains the Powell Sound. Every facet of this instrument has been sculpted by the innovators and flute makers at Powell Flutes.

The art deco stainless steel mechanism provides a strong, stable platform for even the most delicate of players. The rectangular touch pieces also encourage a more ergonomic hand position. As an added benefit, stainless steel will not tarnish.

The PS-750 is available in two shades of a beautifully grained and tinted American hardwood stabilized with a phenolic resin. This American hardwood is resonant and remains stable through severe temperature and humidity changes.

This exciting new instrument is completely made at the Powell workshop in Maynard, Massachusetts by Powell’s skilled artisans.

  • Stainless steel, art deco style mechanism
  • A-442 pitch, Modern Powell Scale
  • Prestini pads
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Classic hand cut headjoint
  • Zippered black case, swab stick and silk swab

Click here to view a video about the PS-750 by MMR Magazine.

Watch artist Kate Prestia-Schaub give the debut performane of the Powell Sonare piccolo!

All Powell Sonaré piccolos feature a 10 year warranty on cracking.  For more warranty information, click here.

To see the various colors of wood available, roll your mouse over the wood name in the chart below.

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“The new Powell Sonaré piccolo is a great choice for those who want Powell quality at a reasonable price.  An ‘artistic’ piccolo for every season.”

Nicola Mazzanti, Piccolo soloist 
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra Firenze, Italy


“One thing that surprised me about the Powell Sonaré piccolo was the square keys, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the way they felt. But when my fingers touched the cups they naturally fit without having to adjust.”

Kate Prestia-Schaub, soloist and National Flute Association Piccolo Artist Competition Winner

Piccolo Case

American Amethyst (no longer available)
Indian Onyx
Tuscan Umber
ModelWood ColorMechanismIntroductory MAP Price*Introductory List Price
PS-750TTuscan UmberStainless Steel$2,305$3,125
PS-750IIndian OnyxStainless Steel$2,305$3,125

* Minimum Advertised Price in the USA – for your local pricing contact your nearest dealer.

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