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The orchestral repertoire makes many demands on the piccolo and the piccolo player can depend on our Custom piccolos to produce a strong, colorful sound with excellent intonation throughout the scale. Our Custom piccolos feature tone holes that are reinforced with phenolic inserts to provide stability throughout the range of the instrument. Each one is also hand tuned for exceptional performance.

Every Custom piccolo features Pisoni star pads, 10k white gold springs, a French style leather case and leather case cover. 

Custom piccolo headjoints are available in three styles.

The Classic headjoint is the traditional piccolo headjoint. Often professional piccolo players prefer this style as it provides the most control over the piccolo.

The Profiled headjoint has a raised “lip plate” that makes the piccolo feel more like a flute.  It is fairly free-blowing and offers an immediate response. There are a number of professionals who prefer this style, as it makes switching quickly between the flute and the piccolo smoother. 

The Wave headjoint has a small rise on each side of the embouchure hole, which provides a medium amount of resistance and offers even control over the octaves. (Wave embouchure is only available in Grenadilla wood.)

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“My Powell piccolo is—hands-down—the best piccolo I have ever played. It has a uniquely dark yet vibrant tone. I was skeptical that gold keys could make such a difference in the sound, but the instant I played my piccolo, I fell in love. Its sound makes it easier to blend with my colleagues than ever before. Thank you for crafting an instrument that makes it possible for the piccolo to be, indisputably, considered more than just 'auxiliary'!”

Stephanie Mortimore

Wood Type Mechanism Customizations
Grenadilla Sterling silver Pitch: A-440, A-442, A-444
Grenadilla 14k rose gold --- Split-E
Kingwood14k rose gold --- Profiled embouchure
--- Wave embouchure
--- Classic embouchure

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