Since 1928, Powell® piccolos have been played in top orchestras by some of the most talented piccolo players in the world. From the Philadelphia Orchestra of the 1930s to the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra today, our piccolos remain a constant companion to orchestral piccolo players.

Powell piccolos are valued for their stable pitch, scale, quick response, reliable mechanism and depth of sound. The “Powell Sound” permeates all we do and our piccolos are included in this family.


Handmade Custom Piccolos – Custom piccolos are available in a variety of woods and a choice of silver or gold keys.

Signature Piccolos – Signature piccolos are available in grenadilla wood with sterling silver keys.

Powell Sonaré PS-750 - The brand new Powell Sonaré piccolo features a beautifully grained and tinted American hardwood with an elegant art deco style mechanism.  Watch a video of Kate Prestia-Schaub giving the debut performance of the Powell Sonaré piccolo!


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