The Handmade Signature® flute is the most economically priced handmade solid sterling silver flute available. It is completely made at our workshop in Maynard, Massachusetts. The Signature flute body is made using our patented Zinki technology for drawing tone holes and the pinned mechanism is built completely by hand. Signature flutes provide the “Powell Sound” with a quiet and reliable mechanism. The Signature style headjoint was specifically designed to accompany the Signature flute and is hand cut by the same headjoint makers who make our Custom headjoints. It is an instrument that will easily provide the aspiring flutist with many years of room to grow.

Every Handmade Signature flute features .016" sterling silver body, sterling silver keys, French (open) cups, pointed arms, drawn tone holes (made with our patented Zinki technology – US patent #7,420,109), the Modern Powell Scale, A-442 pitch, a traditional pinned mechanism with hidden adjusting screws, a hand-cut Signature® style headjoint, an elegant leather case and leather case cover.

New for 2015:  The new Signature II style headjoint!Beginning in June 2015, the Signature flute now has two headjoint style options. Click here to learn more about the new Signature II style.

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“My Powell flute inspires me to find humor, beauty, darkness, passion, energy, and every other feeling imaginable in music."

Alice K. Dade

Pitch* Footjoint**G keys Mechanical Options Model # Silver
A-442 B footjoint Inline 42000
A-442 B footjoint Offset 42001
A-442 B footjoint Offset Split-E 42004
A-442 B footjoint Inline C# trill key 42010
A-442 B footjoint Offset C# trill key 42051
A-442 B footjoint Offset Split-E, C# trill key 42015

*A-444 is also available at no charge.

**All B footjoints have gizmo keys and C footjoints are available as well.


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