Since 1927 Powell headjoints have reflected the changing demands of flutists while remaining true to the “Powell Sound” which is valued for its quality and flexibility of character.

Each headjoint is handmade at our Maynard, Massachusetts workshop by professionally trained flutists.  We hold every one to an exacting tolerance and high musical standard.  Our headjoints are played in a variety of musical genres, so we offer a number of style and material combinations to accommodate their varying demands.  There is a combination to suit every musical requirement.

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The Philharmonic has a relatively broad, flat lip plate. Articulation is crisp and clean, and the style produces a deep, rich tone with a broad dynamic range.The strength and flexibility of this headjoint allows the player to fill a hall or perform the quietest passages easily, with complete command. The slightly curved lip plate offers quick articulation and a full range of colors.The Venti was developed to provide excellent depth of sound through all three octaves, and a very resonant and free third octave.The Signature uses the lip plate of the Soloist style in combination with a specially designed wall to produce a relatively free blowing headjoint with the “Powell Sound.”
Tubing Lip Plate Wall CrownWings
Sterling silver .014" Sterling silver Sterling silver Sterling Silver Sterling Silver
Sterling silver .016" 9k rose gold 10k yellow gold 10k yellow gold 14k rose gold
Aurumite 9k 10k yellow gold 14k rose gold 14k rose gold
Aurumite 14k 14k rose gold 19.5k rose gold 19.5k rose gold
9k rose gold 19.5k rose gold Platinum
10k yellow gold
14k white gold
14k rose gold
19.5k rose gold
Grenadilla wood

* Signature style is only available with .016" sterling silver tubing, lip plate and crown. A 14k wall is an option.


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