Ownership of a Powell® flute connects to you a network of people, past and present. From the earliest Powell flutes made in 1927 to the instruments finished today in our workshop, every Powell flute has a unique character and all bear a family resemblance.

Throughout our history Powell has successfully resolved the tension between innovation and tradition. Many of our innovations have been widely accepted by the flute community, including:

  • The gizmo key (with partner Arthur Lora in 1928)
  • Introduction of the Cooper scale to the USA (1976)
  • Aurumite® (1986)
  • 19.5k rose gold (2003)
  • Zinki technology for drawing tone holes (2007)
  • The Powell pinless left hand mechanism (1987), followed by a complete pinless mechanism (2009)

Handmade Custom Flutes – Custom flutes are available with soldered tone holes and a large variety of materials and options.

Handmade Conservatory Flutes – Conservatory flutes are available with drawn tone holes in sterling silver or Aurumite 9k and a pinless mechanism.

Signature Flutes – Signature flutes are available with drawn tone holes, sterling silver body and keys and a pinned mechanism.

Sonaré Flutes – Powell’s Sonaré models’ bodies are made at Powell, using our patented Zinki technology, and are accompanied by our handmade sterling silver Signature headjoint.

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