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We love having visitors!  If you would like to take a tour of our shop or if you would like to test instruments contact Alfredo Munoz.  Appointments are required for any visits to our workshop.  We are open for visitors Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. **Please note that our flutemakers leave the shop early in the day, so if you would like to take a tour a morning appointment is required.**

1 Mill & Main (New street address, if you are using GPS please try 1 Clock Tower Place)
3rd floor
Maynard, MA 01754

Main Phone Line: (978) 461-6111
Fax Line: (978) 461-6155
Country Code: +011


Alfredo Munoz, Customer Service Associate

Kristyn Moore, Sales Specialist (USA)

Daniel Sharp, Flute Business Manager and Product Specialist (Europe)

Hannah Liuzzo, Powell Sonaré Product Specialist
(978) 344-5172

Rebecca Eckles, Director of Quality and Service
(978) 344-5160

Christina Cobas, Director of Marketing 
(978) 344-5159 


Rachel Baker, Repair Technician
(978) 344-5164

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Rob Viola, Vice President of Production
(978) 344-5169


Francois Kloc, President
(904) 422-7662 (mobile phone)

Mark Spuria, General Manager
(978) 344-5165

Dawn Rothwell-Mann, Materials Manager
(978) 344-5158

Kaitlyn Mix, Office Manager
(978) 344-5199


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