Key Stringer

The Key Stringer is responsible for all aspects of preparation and installation of keys to completed flute bodies. Duties include the assembling and fitting of sub-assemblies to flute bodies, the installation of springs, adjustment screws, corks and felt pads. "Pre-padding" of flutes and other duties as assigned. Exceptional dexterity skills are a plus, as is experience working with small electronic parts /appliances or hand-crafts such as needlework and jewelry making.

Sales Specialist

Powell Flutes is looking for a responsible and highly motivated Sales Specialist who is ready to take on all direct sales and service responsibilities in North America. Our ideal candidate is a flutist with flute repair training who will deliver a professional presentation to customers, and uphold the ideals and standards of our company. The successful Sales Specialist will constantly strive to meet all sales goals and exceed customer expectations.


The Polisher is responsible for polishing flutes and flute parts for final assembly. Operation of disc and barrel tumbling machines. Prior polishing experience preferred, but not required.

CNC/Production Machinist

The CNC/Production Machinist is responsible for manufacturing musical instrument parts on manual machines, including the maintenance of these machines. Position includes making small tools, documenting maintenance tasks and maintenance of all cutting tools. Knowledge and experience with milling machines, drill presses, lathes and others is preferred.

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